Original XP600 Printhead (Epson F1080-A1 )

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100% Original Epson F1080-A1 / XP600 Printhead for 30cm and 42cm DTF printers.

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100% Original XP600 Printhead (Epson F1080-A1 Print Head) 

The after market / refurbished print head is called XP600 printhead which is much cheaper because it is a used and refurbished print head. Most online sellers are selling XP600 print head only. This is an original F1080-A1 and is suitable for 30cm and 42cm XP600 printhead Direct-to-Film (DTF) printers. Chinese manufacturers sell DTF printers with XP600 only and to upgrade to F1080-A1 you have to pay additional amount.

The Epson F1080-A1 print head is a cutting-edge printing component designed and manufactured by Epson, a renowned technology company specializing in imaging and printing solutions. This print head represents a significant advancement in printing technology, offering exceptional performance and precision.

The F1080-A1 print head is engineered to deliver outstanding print quality and efficiency. It incorporates advanced Micro Piezo inkjet technology, which ensures precise and accurate ink droplet placement on the printing medium. This technology enables the print head to produce sharp, vibrant, and highly detailed prints, whether for text documents, graphics, or photographs.

With a high-resolution capability, the F1080-A1 print head can produce prints with resolutions up to 1440 dpi (dots per inch). This level of resolution ensures fine details are accurately captured, resulting in crisp and clear images. The print head’s advanced nozzle configuration and ink delivery system contribute to the precise placement of each ink droplet, ensuring consistent and reliable printing results.

The F1080-A1 print head is designed to work seamlessly with various ink types, including dye-based and pigment-based inks. This versatility allows users to choose the most suitable ink for their specific printing requirements, whether it’s vibrant color printing or archival-quality document printing. This print head is mostly used in 30cm DTF printers and 42cm DTF printers.

Furthermore, the F1080-A1 print head is built to be highly durable and long-lasting. Epson’s rigorous manufacturing standards ensure that the print head withstands the demands of high-volume printing and maintains its performance over an extended period. This durability translates to reduced maintenance and downtime, providing a cost-effective and reliable printing solution.

In terms of compatibility, the F1080-A1 print head is designed to be compatible with a range of Epson printer models. It can be seamlessly integrated into these printers, providing an upgrade option for users looking to enhance the print quality and capabilities of their existing systems.

Overall, the Epson F1080-A1 print head is an exceptional printing component that combines advanced technology, precision, and durability. It offers a superior printing experience, producing high-quality T-shirt prints with remarkable clarity, color accuracy, and detail. Whether used for professional printing applications or everyday document printing, the F1080-A1 print head represents Epson’s commitment to innovation and excellence in printing technology.



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