Yellow DTF ink 250ml for Direct-to-Film ink Printers

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250ml Yellow DTF ink for Direct-to-Film Printers. Compatible with Epson Xp600, F1080-A1 L1800, i3200, 4720 print heads and all modified DTF printers.


Wholesale price yellow DTF ink 250ml bottle

Experience the magic of vibrant yellow in your film prints with Yellow DTF Ink 250ml. Specifically formulated for direct-to-film printing, this ink empowers you to create films with captivating yellow tones and unmatched precision. We supply wholesale price DTF ink in UK.

Key Features:

1. Vibrant Yellow Pigments: The 250ml bottle of yellow ink ensures striking prints with eye-catching and dynamic yellow hues, perfect for artistic designs and impactful visuals.

2. Direct-to-Film Advantage: Say goodbye to transfer papers and complex processes. Our Yellow DTF Ink enables you to print directly onto film substrates, saving time and ensuring sharp results.

3. Unrivalled Precision: Experience exceptional clarity in fine lines, intricate designs, and halftone patterns, guaranteeing professional-grade films that impress.

4. Lasting Durability: Our Yellow DTF Ink is engineered to stand the test of time, preserving the brilliance of your prints even with frequent handling.

5. Seamless Compatibility: This ink is expertly designed to work flawlessly with a variety of direct-to-film printers, streamlining your printing workflow. Our cheap & best wholesale price yellow DTF Ink 250ml bottle is compatible with a variety of DTF printers with Epson print heads such as XP600, F1080-A1, L1800, i3200, 4720 and all modified DTF printers.

6. Eco-Friendly Commitment: We care for the environment. Our Yellow DTF Ink is crafted with eco-friendly materials, ensuring you can print with peace of mind.

Whether you’re a graphic artist, screen printer, film enthusiast, or T-shirt print shop in UK. Yellow DTF Ink 250ml elevates your film printing capabilities to new heights. Experience the power of vibrant brilliance and redefine your film prints. Embrace the future of direct-to-film printing – order your 250ml bottle today and illuminate your designs with the magic of yellow!


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