Wholesale Price DTF Ink Store

Specially Formulated DTF ink for T-shirt Printing

Introducing our versatile wholesale price DTF ink collection suitable for Epson DTF printhead printers such as XP600, L1800, F1080-A1, i3200, 4720 and all modified DTF printers made in China. Available in various sizes to cater to your printing needs. With options ranging from 100ml to 1000ml, our CMYK and white DTF inks are designed to deliver vibrant and precise results for your direct-to-film printing projects. Whether you’re working on intricate designs or bold patterns, our ink selection offers exceptional color accuracy and sharpness. Compatible with a wide range of fabric materials, our DTF inks ensure lasting durability and fade resistance. Elevate your textile printing game with our comprehensive range of ink sizes, allowing you to achieve stunning and professional-quality designs with ease.